Stealing Our Childrens Future
It is easy to feel along with the things that are going on in Washington D.C. these days.  We have people we have given them their job but them seem to forget.  More important then that they appear to not care.  If there ever was a time to clean house this is it while we still can.  If we don't act and take "our house"  the people's house back there will come a time we will not be able to do so.
There are many groups out there where you can find like minded people.  It is important you find those groups and people and work together to take the people's house back.

It is not about what party you belong too.  It is time to stop the bickering about parties and work together to save our country and freedom.  Most important to save the country for OUR children.  If we don't make the effort to stand up and fight for them and their rights, WHO will??  Check this group out.
A Sisterhood Of Mommy Patriots

What this group has done in such a short time is wonderful.  If you are a mother that is fed up with what they are trying to do to our childrens future and freedom you may want to check them out and become a part of them.
   Is it time for a true third national party?  For sure the two national parties in power now don't govern for what is best for the people or what they desire.  Maybe it is time to have a discussion about a third party that can compete with the two parties in power.  They have made it hard for a third or fourth party to form and thrive, and for a reason.  Their main concern is too be the power.

 Patrick Henry was one of the great founders and fathers of our great country.  Maybe it is time we discovered some of these founders and their thoughts and intentions concerning our country.

Patrick Henry Spirit
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