Stealing Our Childrens Future
As you look at this site for the first time you may think that it is a bright and cheery site.  That is for a reason.  The subject that we will deal with on this site is very dark and sinister.  It is about people who are elected to represent us and look out for our best interests.  It is about these people who instead of doing what is best for America and her Children are Stealing The Future Of The Children Of America.

Unlike the Founders, the elected officals of today seem to be trying to destroy the foundation the Founders gave us as quickly as they can pass bills that no one has read.

It is time to hold this people accountable and put their names and faces out for the world to see.  People who could care less about the future of the children.  People who passes laws without even reading them, that puts the burden on our children to pay for these people's spending.  People whose party is more important then the people.

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